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19/03/2018 - Gen1 Droplink Bikes 500 Pound Price Drop

Gen1 Droplink Bikes 500 Pound Price Drop

RocketMAX full gasflare

If you are following Cotic at the moment, you will know that we now have a bunch of revised bikes (the BFe, Soul, FlareMAX and Rocket) with new look and new geometry. As a result of this, as of today we are dropping the price of all our our gen1 droplink model lines. Yes, Flare and RocketMAX are also now priced dropped by 500 alongside the remaining clearance gen1 Rocket and FlareMAX. This is because, as you might guess, there will be a new RocketMAX and a new Flare featuring Longshot geometry, but they are not going to be available until June. We wanted to be upfront about this. Yes, there are new models coming, but no, it isn't going to be soon. We're not opening orders for the new bikes or anything, but what we are doing is giving you the opportunity to grab one of the current bikes for a massive saving. And let's face it, these are GREAT bikes. Obviously we love the new bikes, but the RocketMAX is a blazingly fast, super capable enduro and long travel trail bike, and the Flare is a lively, dancer of a bike. So much fun.

RocketMAX in greenRocketMAX in fast red

These great frames now start from just 899 frame only, no shock, 999 with the Cotic tuned X-Fusion O2 RCX shock, and the Silver build bike is just 2199. Get 'em quick!

Order your 500 pound cheaper RocketMAX now…

Order your Flare from just 899 pounds here…

Don't forget the Rocket Gen1 is also reduced by 500 pounds…

And the Gen1 FlareMAX is reduced to clear too…

14/03/2018 - Howard Street Dual 2018

Outdoor City Weekender 2018

Howard Street Dual

Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

Cy - Last Saturday saw the second running of the awesome Howard Street Dual. This is where Mates Races go legit, crawl out of the woods and onto an urban track right in the middle of Sheffield City! Bringing biking to the masses.

This year was next level, with a stacked field, TV cameras for both the massive big screen and the web Live Feed of the race, huge sound system and a later start for the finals under floodlights.

I raced last year and had loads of fun, but with the Race Team and the Development Squad all in town for this years' event, plus mates race regulars Baybutt and Mechanic Will wanting a shot too, I decided to man the stand and watch the action unfold. And what action there was!!

With all the rain in the run up, the forecast wasn't brilliant, but luckily stayed mostly dry on the day. That didn't stop the grass sections and polished concrete being slick and slippery as hell! From our vantage point at the lower end of the track, the big grass sweeper was catching everyone out, with no one - not even Peaty - making it look easy.

It was an awesome event and I had a great time watching all the Cotic riders in their brand new team tops making us look good! But I didn't take part, so I'll hand you over to the others for their take.

Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

Richard Baybutt - Cotic Marketing Man, Pro Photographer and Arting for Lyfe

If the weekend wasn't shaping up to be hectic enough, I made life more difficult for myself in the run-up by making 4 huge leaderboards, hosting the development squad at my house and having both my car and motorbike off the road with no MOT's! Somehow, with literally an 11'th hour effort on the Friday night, everything got done and we could focus on a weekend of shreds.

We hit Greno on Saturday morning, Devonshire green skateparkpark on the way to town, the Howard St dual race and then some street jibs on the ride home. Sundays itinerary was a peek at the legendary Bolehills, followed by visiting Sam at Lady Cannings (which is now closed for essential winter work) and then a solid pedal round Wharny with the Fifes, Will, Kelly Jayne, Hanna Jonsson, Dave Camus and Jake Monk. Even listing it there doesn't even scratch the surface of how much fun was had. Wes & Will are a huge credit to the team and everyone did so well at dual.

Highlights in no particular order were having my first proper go on the new longshot Rocket, me & Sam just making incomprehensible noises about how good it is. Qualifying for the main race at Howard St and then lining up next to Ratboy on the gate. Blagging some much needed warmth, beer & food at the SHAFF industry hang-out Saturday night, dancing at the illegal rave at Lady Cannings at 11am, giving in to peer pressure and clearing the 50:01 step-up deep in Wharny woods and celebrating with a huge McDonalds after. Weekends like this make it all worthwhile, it's just a bonus then that I love the rest of the job just as much! Can't wait for the next one.

Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

Will Easey - Cotic Development Squad Rider

To be completely honest, words can't actually describe this weekend as it was a constant flow of amazing events! Well, being my first time in Sheffield, it was already a great feeling. But to be riding bikes all weekend especially with incredible people around me made it that whole lot more enjoyable. Everyone was so high stoked the entire time and there was never a dull moment. Even slipping out on the last corner against Peaty didn't even frustrate me, just knowing I was that close to him made me realise my level of riding and what I am capable of, so standing up and waving off the crowd was exactly what had to happen! I will definitely have lifetime memories coming away from this weekend and I can't thank everyone at Cotic enough; Rich for providing me with a roof over my head and company from Otto, looking after me and making sure I was always smiling. Wes for being the best long distance friend I could of asked for, Nick for putting on such an INSANE event in which I am for sure hoping to come too next time, Chay & Swinny for tips and just being great people to be around, and Cy for being so supportive and stoked the entire evening! What a family of great people, couldn't ask for anything more. I will never forget the moment I was pushing back up after my first run with Steve Peat, walking past the stands and Cy joined eyes with me and said "Dude, you're racing Steve Peat!!" That made it real.

easey peat

Swinny "Rocketman" Swinden - Cotic Race Team, Reigning PMBA Champion

What a fascinating experience! I missed last years race because it clashed with an enduro, so to be able to to ride and race through the middle of Sheffield, with a stacked field of talented riders and a crowed mixed up of regular bike followers, to folk who stopped to watch as they were passing through, to football fans chanting their teams songs.

Dual, to me, has got to be the funnest form of competing. A 20ish second track, 2 lanes, and a load of mates old and new, the excitement out the gate is top drawer.

It was great to see the family representing Cotic in such a large way, and to be able to compete with close friends that I don't get to ride with much anymore is as exciting as it is to race one of the greatest to ever grace a bike. Sheffield is a damn good place to be around.

Cheers to all involved for making this event happen, Nick Hamilton, mayor Dallow (and anyone I've missed).

Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

Chay "Straightline" Granby - Cotic Race Team

What a spectacle. Massive well done to the gang that organised it all. To bring mountain biking to the masses is not only brilliant for the sport but for the city that hosted it. To interact with folk on a full on Saturday night out whilst I'm sat waiting to race in full kit is something that wont be forgotten soon.

The field was packed with talent. It's the first race of the year so I should of been a little nervy....Far from it! Its a honour to be part if it. Going be honest getting knocked out early on wasn't disappointing as it meant I got to watch. Not only was the the atmosphere brilliant but getting to watch some world class riding made it a event that needs to happen again.

Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

Wes Fife - Development Squad Rider

Aah what a weekend! Arrived in Sheffield at about 7pm on Friday. Stoke was high for a weekend of racing/riding, but first me and Will had been assigned to helping Baybutt build the leaderboards for the dual, 4 hours later with 4 boards done and 400 or so hooks screwed in we rolled back to Baybutt's with very sore fingers!

Saturday morning we headed down to Grenoside woods for a couple of pre-dual laps to build the stoke up (which was already unsustainably high). Mad inside lines, manny landers and Euro tables took place and fun was definitely had by all. We returned to Baybutt's house for lunch and set out riding down to Howard St through midday traffic. We signed on and had a quick run up and down the track to check out the features before practice. Practice started and was quickly established that the course was more difficult than previously thought. Stairs from the start gate posed a bit of an issue for me as I was on flat pedals and despite having recently putting a chain guard on I still wasn't 100% confident that my chain was going to stay on. Further down the track was "carnage corner" an off camber sweeping left turn on wet grass which was proving to be an issue for some riders. Thankfully my shiny new WTB Vigilante tyres, there was no problem with grip on this corner - cheers WTB!!!

Well qualifying rolled round quickly and I was worried I wouldn't qualify, due to the pretty stacked field of pros and local pinners. Thankfully something clicked in my qualifying run which sat me very midfield along with some big names. At this point, stoke was peaking. However, sadly I was drawn against James Hughes in my first round and was humbled very quickly by him and didn't progress any further. Thankfully that meant I could watch bossman Easey who being the wizard he is had progressed through to the next round where he would race the godfather of Sheffield MTB, Steve Peat!!!! I made my way up to the start of the course to cheer him on! He made a strong start but sadly crashed out on his second run! Never mind though, he was still ecstatic that he got to race against one of the worlds legends of racing. We, along with Kelly and Aiken who had also been knocked out, set up camp at the bottom of the course on carnage corner to heckle the semi-finalists and finalists.

Sunday morning came round quickly. We had a quick lap of Lady Cannings before heading to Wharncliffe for shredz with Camus. We said our goodbyes and made our way back to Guisborough. It was an awesome weekend and I can't wait to get back down to shred in the future!!!!

Howard Street Dual 10/03/18

It was SUCH an ace weekend. If you can, next year get the Sheffield Outdoor Weekender in your dairy, come up and cheer the dual, have a grand night out, then hit the trails on the Sunday. Mint!

I want to say a big thank you to all this lot, plus Mechanic Will, Kelly-Jayne and A Line Gaz for representing Cotic fantastically and making us all look good. As Swinny said when I posted this photo below, "FAM". Too right bro.


Read more about the new Rocket…

13/03/2018 - Downtime Podcast Special - Longshot Geometry

Downtime Podcast - Longshot Special

Longer, lower, slacker. Seems everyone is doing it, including us. However, in terms of the reasons why we are doing it, and the journey we took to get here, it's not quite that simple. In fact - as you will see/hear in the podcast - longer and slacker are actually by products of the two most important elements of this new approach: Stem length and sizing. I won't go into too much more in words here, as it's all covered pretty comprehensively in the podcast and accompanying video, along with some useful diagrams included if all these terms are new to you.

The previous generation Rocket

The latest Rocket with Longshot geometry - both bikes size large

Chris founded the Downtime Podcast about a year ago, as he wanted some MTB related content which included elements of learning from some of the best in the sport about how they, and you, can improve your riding, fitness, approach, technique. Chris and I have been friends and riding buddies since University, and I have a lot of time for his approach and the quality of the content. With that in mind, when I wanted to explain where I am coming from with the new Longshot geometry, Chris and Downtime seemed like the perfect way to talk through the process, and with the video we have got in some really simply, but clear diagrams to help you understand what we're talking about, and also lots of hand waving and pretending-I-have-a-handlebar-in-my-hands moments too! Grab a coffee and your headphones and enjoy....

The FlareMAX which features this geometry has just come into stock, so we have all sizes and colours available right now.

The 5th generation Soul got a radical makeover using this geometry too. Applying the idea to a lively trail hardtail is something I go over in the podcast, as it helped us understand where the edges of the design idea where and how we should approach it for all our bikes. These are also in stock now.

The BFe frames is also due in April as well. This was the first bike to get Longshot geometry, and it's proved a massive hit.

Hope you enjoy this. It was really good to go through the history and the process and really get to explain my light bulb moments with this. It's been an interesting couple of years as a result, and I really feel like it's helped us make the best bikes we have ever made.



Order your FlareMAX for delivery next week here…

Order your radical 5th Gen Soul from stock here…

Reserve your new Rocket for delivery mid-April here…

Reserve your hardnut new BFe here…

06/03/2018 - More new Rocket photos

Rocket range

Rich has been busy, as we all are currently, but has found some time to take some more photos of the Rocket. This shoot includes a bike built around a Small black frame, one built around a Medium blue frame, and one built around a Large mercury frame.

Rocket rangeRocket range

Check out the updated gallery on the new Rocket product page…

02/03/2018 - Chay's Rocket

Race Ready Rocket

Thing of beauty @coticbikes @wildernesstrailbikes @burgtec @canecreekusa @hktproducts @ridejoystick @mudhugger2

A post shared by Moose (@chaymoose) on

Team riders Chay (@chaymoose) and Swinny (@jpswinny) are taking home their new Rockets for racing 2018! They've been sharing their rad-ventures over on Instagram, and will continue to post about their training for upcoming races, so go and give them a follow. You'll get bike envy, be warned!

Thanks again to their sponsors this year: Cane Creek, WTB, Burgtec, Joystick Bicycle Components, Burgtec, Polaris Bikewear, Kingud, Wild Trail Snacks and Bike Track.

First race? Vallelujah! Bring it on!

Some weekend ont new steed . #bluesky #bluebike @coticbikes @wildernesstrailbikes @canecreekusa @hktproducts

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28/02/2018 - SNOWMAGEDDON 2018

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sheff snow

Morning all. As much as we like to play down SNOWMAGEDDON in the North, this view is what we woke up to this morning in Sheffield and it is still coming down hard. As a result I have made the call to close the workshop today rather than risk travelling to keep us all safe. We are on the phone, email, on here and insta, but we are not building bikes today, which is going to delay getting orders out. We are sorry about this, and will keep you informed.

In slightly more fun news, the bulk shipment of FlareMAX frames will be here next week, so if you're on back order on those it will be dispatched next Thursday (snow permitting!) and if you are having a think, then they'll be available in all sizes and colours from stock. The main batch of RB5 forks will also catch up with the new Escapade frames so we'll be fully stocked on those too, which is nice!

London Bike Show was fantastic for us. Me and Rich had a blast, and it was so nice to meet so many owners old and new, as well as lots of potential new owners. One great thing for me was talking through the new Soul with owners of the 26" original. On paper the new bike seems quite a departure from the original, but it's still very much a Soul. Getting people sitting on the bike, getting a feel for it, talking through the ideas behind it: It was great.

We chatted to Singletrack (as you can see on the Live vid below) and there's also a back up story and some LOVELY new pictures of the Rocket details as well:

Singletrack Rocket First Look

Another cool thing that happened at the show was that the British Independent brands got to catch up, meet, hang out. Rich donned his blue beret and went on a UN style diplomatic mission to line up this photo. We all have pretty strong brands, which does tend to breed a bit of a tribal attitude because you like YOUR brand when you buy a bike. Sometimes it's a bit easy to lose sight of the fact that we're actually all mates, and just really like bikes. This is me with the Sick Bicycles guys, the Bird and BTR guys, and Dan Stanton. Honourable mention to Hope who wanted to get involved but were mobbed by kids on their Academy stand, and Fibrax and Orange who were at the show, but we missed them before we could get this together.

UK Indy Brands

Bikes are great, innit?!! Now, where's the sledges?



Read more about the new Rocket…

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22/02/2018 - Singletrack FaceBook Live

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The New Cotic Rocket @ London Bike Show 2018

Exclusive: We chat with Cy Turner from Cotic Bikes about the brand new 3rd generation Rocket. The new Rocket has just been officially unveiled at the 2018 London Bike Show, and is on display at the Cotic booth all weekend for those who want to ogle at this beautiful steel enduro bike!

Posted by Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine on Friday, 23 February 2018

Video not loading? Then click here to see it on Facebook…

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22/02/2018 - 2018 Rocket

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New Rocket for 2018

ANNNNDDDD more new things! This time it's the turn of the Rocket, our mega fast, multi-race winning enduro bike. Turned up to 11 for 2018, featuring all our latest refinements, geometry and details.


How cool does that look?! Longshot geometry, Boost spacing for massive 27.5 x 2.6" tyre clearance, our new 1x specific swingarm and integrated chainguide, it's all here. Now sporting 157mm of travel and certified for up to 170mm forks, this bike is the result of over 2 years of research by me, and was raced and developed in prototype form all through last season by Swinny and Chay of Cotic Racing. So despite only just reaching production, this bike has already won the PMBA Enduro Series Title and scored multiple Tweed Valley Triple Crown podiums!

New colours are our beautiful Cyan Blue with orange details, the shiny, shiny Mercury paint - this time with CMY (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow) detailing - and our super stealth black/grey option for all you trail ninjas out there. How awesome would black/grey look with a smattering of coloured Hope parts?

Since the new BFe and Soul Gen 5 frames and the new FlareMAX appeared, there's been a lot of chat about this new Longshot geometry of ours. It's not just longer, slacker, lower for the sake of it. I've been working on this for over 2 years, since the original Longshot prototype was delivered in December 2015. It's been through many iterations, and with Paul and Sam and Richard and the Race Team, we worked through plenty of testing on all sizes in the range to make sure the new fit system worked for everyone. The key thing is that it's a system - you can't do one thing without the others. The main focus was on giving riders enough space on the bike to be able to use a 35mm stem. Getting the stem this short (shorter than the fork offset) gives incredible feel for the front wheel, and responsive handling. But it also needs a much longer frame to give you enough space to fit properly on the bike, and it needs a slacker head angle to balance the super responsiveness of the short stem. I tried it on everything from exactly the same as the current Rocket, just longer with the short stem, all the way to full Geometron with a head angle in the 63's and the back end off the MAX 29er bikes. That was a bit much, but I found a middle ground and began to understand how it all worked together. Paul tried the longer frame and 35mm stem with the original Soul geometry and it was terrible. The new bike is 2 degrees slacker on the head angle and works brilliantly. The short stem needs a slacker head angle to balance against.

The length of the bikes doesn't affect the climbing as some people seem to think it will. It's one of those old myths that a bike needs to be steep and short to climb. Back in the day the 'received wisdom' was that you needed a tiny short chainstay to get a bike to climb. As with everything in bike geometry, that isn't it in isolation. You needed a short chainstay because the front of the bikes were so short back then, so you needed to balance the rider as well as possible within the (tiny short) wheelbase of the bike. Now the opposite is true: With a longer front centre, you need a longer rear to keep the rider in the middle of the bike. It needs a reasonable seat angle and to be balanced by the length of the rear end, but actually the new bikes climb better than the previous generation. The room in the cockpit puts your weight much more in the middle of the bike. On the descents they are just amazing, with really crisp handling and vivid feedback from the front wheel allied to a feeling of just being properly behind the front wheel. Because you're right in the middle of the bike, they don't actually feel long, because you are position on the turning axis, instead of being behind it. It's so confidence inspiring in the steep stuff. I vividly remember testing the bike at Revolution Bike Park in Feb 2016 with the team. I was scared about riding at Revs, but one run down Ghetto and I was hooked. Smashing the front of the bike off drops and into this great big rooty holes with this brilliant feeling of 'I can't crash this bike'. A proper revelation and Revolution!

The new Rocket frame is 1499 with the X Fusion O2 shock, or 1799 with Cane Creek DB Air IL, or 1849 with the Cane Creek DB Coil IL with VALT Spring. Bikes start with the Silver SLX based build at 2699, and then head on up to the Gold builds with either XT or Eagle GX at 3699. The big change here is that the Gold build now features the amazing Cane Creek HELM fork. The Platinum build new features Hope cassette, Tech3 X2 brakes and XTR/Next SL kit. All Hope parts are available in your choice of colour, with Hope headset and other upgrades all available through the Go Custom programme on the bike builder.

These will be going straight into demo next week, so from the first weekend of March, if you're booked on a Rocket at a demo, then you'll be riding the latest bike. If you aren't booked on a demo yet, check out the Demo calendar to see where you can get involved.



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